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Build Confidence
Audio on CD or .MP3

Hypnosis CD or .MP3 to help you build your confidence.

Allow the power of hypnosis to help you grow your confidence in all situations.

Suitable for men and women of all ages.

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If you need a confidence boost to help with a speech or presentation then this little power pack is just the thing you are looking for. If you have trouble just talking in public this hypnotic confidence booster will soon have you feeling calm and confident with everyone you meet.

Allow this confidence building hypnosis MP3 download to quickly boost your confidence and self esteem. So whether you struggle to get out of the comfort and safety of your house or whether you need that extra self esteem to enjoy socialising then this hypnotic download or CD will give you the confidence you need and the power to feel good.

Building your confidence and self esteem will allow you to feel good and feel confident in all the things that you do. Being afraid or nervous about things you have to do will be a thing of the past as you look forwards to enjoying the future and performing at your best in all situations.

  • Build Confidence
  • Build Self Esteem Fast
  • Destroy Fears and Nerves
  • Feel confident whatever you do
  • Perform with confidence
  • Confident public speaking
  • Confidence socialising
  • Feel relaxed and in control

The Technical Stuff!
The .MP3 Download is 30 minutes in length. The audio contains beautiful relaxing music with an English voice over. The audio can be downloaded instantly and can be played on your computer, .mp3 player, smart phone, tablet or can be transferred to CD.

Delivery Service
MP3 files can be downloaded instantly.
Hypnosis CDs will be posted free of charge worldwide and are delivered in plain packaging.

Audio Information
Play the hypnosis confidence audio program when you can put your feet up, close your eyes and relax.
Some people will achieve changes the first time they listen to the audio, others will make positive changes in as little as 21 days but some people may use the audio a little longer. The more you use the audio the stronger the change. Once changes have been made they will be permanent as long as the mind set remains the same.

Smarter Hypnosis
This hypnosis confidence audio uses the power of Smarter Hypnosis.

“The Hypnosis Download really helped me to turn myself around. For a while I had been struggling to get out of the house and doing simple things that people take for granted like popping to the shops became a struggle and I just wanted to stay home. After listening to the hypnosis download just a few times I found it easier to venture out. My self esteem continues to grow today and it is hard to put in words how much this confidence audio has changed my life. Thank you so very much.” Emily.

Hypnosis .MP3 and CD Support
All CDs and .MP3 come with full support from qualified Hypnotherapists.

All our hypnosis CDs and .MP3 downloads come with a full 30 day no questions asked guarantee.

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Confidence Hypnosis .MP3

Put your feet up, relax and close your eyes.
The relaxing music contains the power of
SMARTER Hypnosis which are powerful affirmations delivered by voice at a frequency which is accepted directly into the subconscious mind, making changes instantly.

SMARTER Hypnosis technology makes these hypnosis downloads perhaps the most powerful available on the Internet today.

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Just like a computer needs to get rid of junk to perform at it’s best, so do you.
Negative belief systems can slow down your mind holding you back from performing at your best.
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